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    Aluminium ethyl dichloride(EADC)

    Abbreviation:EADC Formula:Cl2C2H5Al Molar Mass:126.95 g/mol CAS-Reg.-No.:563-43-9 EINECS-No.:209-248-6  

    1. Detailed information
    Aluminium ethyl dichloride
    Molar Mass:126.95 g/mol



    Hydrolysis gas composition

    Ethanemin.   99.3   % m/m
    n-butanemax.   0.5    % m/m
    isobutanemax.   0.1    % m/m
    hydrogen*max.   0.1    % m/m

    aluminum**min.   20.9   % wt
    Cl/Al 1.99-2.03     m/m
    Typical value:
    ethane*min.   99.8   % m/m
    n-Butane*max.   0.1    % m/m
    isobutane*max.   0.05   % m/m
    hydrogen*max.   0.05   % m/m

    aluminum**min.   21.1   % wt
    Cl/Al2.02          m/m

    *Calculation of the hydrocarbon gas chromatographic calculation.

    **Titration of aluminium and chlorine by hydrolysis products

    Technical Data:(Values determined on representative samples or taken from literature)
    StateAt room temperature, is a colorless or pale yellow crystal. In the above 35 degrees Celsius, is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.
    boiling point 5mmHg,     60℃
    10mmHg,    80℃
    30mmHg,    100℃
    50mmHg,    115℃
    760mmHg,  194℃
    freezing point30-32℃
    density25℃,     0.927 g/cm3
    50℃,      1.21 g/cm3
    viscosity40℃,       2 mPa.s
    Combustion heat 25℃,     -3100 cal/g
    stability:At above 150 ℃, especially during 170-180 ℃, have apparent decomposition phenomenon can be observed. After contact with air combustion; Contact with water can be violent reaction, may burn.

    Supply form: according to customer requirements, to provide the required concentration of hydrocarbon fluids.

    Industrial applications: the production of polyolefin and synthetic rubber initiator component. Aromatics hydrogenation catalyst. Intermediates for the production of organic compounds.
    Packaging: the use of capacity of 1-6000 kg for the safe transport of special containers. All containers conform to the prevailing traffic regulations.
    Tags: according to the current EU and Chinese regulations classification and labeling. For further details, please refer to our security data sheet.

    Treatment: detailed in our brochure in processing. In general, when dealing with this product, it is necessary to comply with local laws and regulations.

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