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    Triethyl aluminium(TEAL)

    Abbreviation:TEAL Formula:(C2H5)3Al Molar Mass:114.17 g/mol CAS-Reg.-No.:97-93-8 EINECS-No.:202-619-3

    1. Detailed information

    Abbreviation: TEAL
    Formula: (C2H5)3Al
    Molar Mass:114.17 g/mol


    Al-Content* min    96.0    % m/m   
    TBA* min    23.0    % m/m
    TEA* max     4.0    % m/m
    AlH3*max    0.05    % m/m
    *Aluminiumalkyls and AlH3 calculated from Alkyl- and Hydride groups.
    Typical values:
    TIBA     max   0.01    % m/m
    TPA      max   0.01    % m/m
    TMA  max   0.01    % m/m
    Methanemax   0.01    % m/m
    Ethene     max   0.05    % m/m
    i-Butene  max  0.01    % m/m
    Technical Data:(Values determined on representative samples or taken from literature)
    Stateclear colourless liquid at 20°C
    Vapour pressure1.0    hPa at     60°C
    5.1    hPa at     80°C
    16.8   hPa at    100°C
    49.2   hPa at    120°C
    Freezing point-50℃
    Density0.864  g/cm3 at    -20°C
    0.848  g/cm3 at      0°C
    0.834  g/cm3 at     20°C
    0.819  g/cm3 at     40°C
    Viscosity7.1, mPa.s at    -20°C
    4.0 mPa.s at       0°C
    2.6 mPa.s at      20°C
    1.8 mPa.s at      40°C
    Specific heat 2.09 J/g – K at    25°C
    Heat of vaporization

    533.0  kJ/kg at   1 bar

    Heat of hydrolysis4636.0 kJ/kg at    25°C

    Limit of thermal stability:approx. 120 °C at 3 h/1 bar N2**

              ** Heating the material to the aforesaid temperature over 3 h in open systems (under nitrogen) initial symptoms of decomposition can be observed.

    Supply Form:Triethylaluminium is supplied undiluted, or as a solution in an inert,hydrocarbon in any concentration as agreed with the customer.
    Industrial Application:Catalyst component for the production of polyolefins and synthetic,rubbers. Ethylating agent.
    Packaging:For safe transportation special containers of various capacities from1 – approx. 6000 kg are available. All containers conform to the,current valid transport regulations.
    Labeling:Classification & labeling according to current EU and China legislation. For further information please refer to our respective safety data sheet.
    HandlingDetailed instructions on handling are given in our brochure. In general, when handling this product,the local appropriate regulations have to be observed.
    The information contained  is intended to advise and is given to the best of our knowledge. It is given without obligation, however, since owing to the multiplicity of possible working methods and applications we cannot accept any responsibility,also regarding any third party patent rights。

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